TAXI CCTV & Drive Recorders


Video Vest Ltd in conjunction with Drive are the leading experts in the design, implementation & installation of CCTV in Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles. We offer a complete range of systems to suit for cost, safety, security & easy installation. The new Drive Recorder Systems are now replacing the old style Hard Drive Fixed CCTV systems as the future technology.

Why use CCTV & Drive Recorders in Taxis – The Benefits

  • Protection of the Driver (78 murders over 15 year period in UK )
  • Protection of the Passengers
  • Prevention & Detection of crime against the person(s) and vehicle
  • Proof of offences when proceeding in the criminal justice process
  • Prevention of malicious allegations
  • Due diligence that licence regulations are adhered to
  • Access by Insurance companies in Traffic Crashes
  • Compliance with traffic regulations
  • Use by Taxi Owners to establish driving skills
  • Use by Taxi Owners for Location data
  • Audit & Integrity

Which System is right for you?

We have a wide range of systems available including:-

New Drive Recorder Systems – Local Authority Preferred

  • JS300 with x2 camera’s & remote transmission in emergencies
  • SafeBox x2 camera system with GPS, G-Shock & Location Data
  • TEye 3000 x2 camera system IR backing GPS G-Shock

Hard Drive Based Systems (No G Sensor)

  • EZ 4 upto x4 cameras, hard drive, lockbox IR Cameras
  • JD14 upto x4 cameras, hard drive, lockbox IR cameras

All our systems come with watermarking, audit ,integrity, safety foils, and serial numbers .Some systems allowing registration/number plate watermarking & location data. ACPO Digital EvidenceGuidance, ICO Good Practice in CCTV and HOSDB Guidance on CCTV imagery refers.

Complete Installed x2 Camera Taxi Systems from just £195-00

Email us to discuss your installation needs.

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